The Russian literary market is large and diverse. Russian readers read a variety of books – prose, detective stories, romance, poetry, etc. American and English science fiction and fantasy is especially popular here/ and even in the times of the USSR Russian readers were well aware he Russian reader was well aware of such writers as Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, John Wyndham, Frank Herbert, Paul Anderson, Clifford Simak, and many others.And such names as Jack London, H. G. Wells, Theodore Dreiser or Ernest Hemingway historically are iconic writers for Russia.

Even today, Russian readers continue to read American and English writers. If you are a novice writer and your works are not yet very well known in the US or UK, but you want them to be read by Russian readers, we can help you in this. Our agency will translate your manuscripts from English into Russian and provide them to reach readers in Russia so that Russian readers can appreciate this new names of the great Anglo-American literature.

Please read these Terms and conditions carefully before submitting your manuscripts!



1.1. The goal of the Translation and Promotion Bureau (herein after “Bureau”) of the Creative Agency “Aelita" (herein after “Agency”) is to promote manuscripts of authors who write in English to the reading people in Russia. This service is done either through Russian publishers in the form of e-books, or through the corresponding online stores, which provide possibility to buy e-books. The authors sign an agreement for the full or partial provision of these services.

1.2. At the request of the authors, a free preliminary consultation can be given on the submitted synopses about possible interest in the specific manuscript from the side of Russian publishers and readers. That is, the feasibility of translation of the specific manuscript from English into Russian. In this case the synopsis must be submitted both for novels and for different stories.

1.3. Our Bureau and Agency provide:

– advice on the feasibility of translation (free of charge);

– translation of manuscript from English into Russian, including the translation of synopsizes, with simultaneous high-quality editing of the translated tests;

– the work with Russian publishers and online stores of e-books (for novels or collections of stories) to sell translated works;

– additional correction

– additional alteration of the manuscript’s test at the request of the publisher(at the author’s consent);

– assistance in drafting contracts in cases when manuscripts are accepted by Russian publisher, and further communication with this publisher;

– services for offering author’s stories to various Russian literary magazines (the number of such publications must be indicated in the agreement) and further communication with these magazines.



2.1. All genres of fiction literature allowed by law (modern prose, poetry, science fiction and fantasy, detective stories, romance, historical novels, etc.), as well as works of a journalistic, reference, educational, nature, including scientific articles, can be submitted.

2.2. Only finished manuscripts can be submitted.  

Принимаются только полные тексты произведений. Excepts from manuscripts and unfinished manuscripts aren’t accepted fro traslation. 

2.3. Novels, novellas, and collections of stories are accepted with a volume of at least 25,000 words or 150,000 characters with spaces. A synopsis of the manuscript must be attached as a separate document. The recommended size of the synopsis is 1500 words or 10,000 characters with spaces maximum.

2.4. For the collection of author's short stories, the synopsis must be presented notfor each story, but as a description of the stories collection in  general (their general subject, literature orientation, and other characteristics.

2.5. Different stories for literature magazines can be submitted from volumes not less than 1,000 world or 6,000 characters with spaces. In this case the synopsis must be submitted for each different story.



3.1. The manuscripts can be submitted only in electronic formats .doc or .docx. 

3.2. It is not advised to insert different types of graphic images in fiction manuscripts (only in non-fiction texts).  If authors of  fiction manuscripts have illustrations, to be put in the text, which servers to clear the understanding of the meaning of the text, they should sent these illustrations separately with indication of where they are located in the text. Theformatofillustrationsmustbe .jpegor.tiff

3.3. To ensure that the author’s contacts are always at our Agency “at hand”, authors must specify the following information on the first page of the manuscript:

– Author’s name and surname (with nickname of necessary); 

– e-mail;

– the place of residence (city/country) and postal address. 

These information is to place in the right upper corner of the manuscript’s firs page. 

3.4. Submission is to e-mail: 



4.1. Payment is accepted at the current exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

4.2. Preliminary consultation on the relevance of the manuscript for the Russian-speaking reader and Russian publishers is free of charge. In fact, this is the consultation on the feasibility of translating the text into Russian. Thesynopsisisrequired.

4.3. Translation from English into Russian (including the literature edition):

       – for novels: $0.06 per word / $0.009 per sign with spaces.

       – for stories: $0.08 per word / $0.012 per sign with spaces.

4.4. Work with Russian publishers and online e-book stores.
This work includes promotion of the manuscript to publishers or online stores and all preliminary negotiations with them:

       – $ 50.00 a moth for the publisher/online store.

 4.5. Additional alteration of the manuscript’s test at the request of the publisher (at the author’s consent) – by additional agreement. (Includes the work of the translator and the editor if necessary).

4.6. Assistance in drafting contracts (in cases when manuscripts are accepted by Russian publisher), and further communication with this publisher:

       –$100.00 for the first moth of work with the publisher;

       – $50 for each next moth which such a work needs.

4.7. Services for offering author’s stories to various Russian literary magazines (the number of such magazines must be indicated in the agreement) and further communication with these magazines:

       – $50.00 for submission to each magazine.



5.1. Payment for translation (з. 4.3) can be made either by 100% prepayment, or (for the convenience of the author) in installments in two or three stages. I.e., the customer pays 50% in advance  or 1/3 of the agreed cost of work upon completion of this each 1/3 of translation.

5.2. Payment for services indicated in pp. 4.4–4.7 cam be made only by 100% prepayment

5.3. To work with individuals, if they are satisfied with an oral agreement, an oral agreement and the fact of payment are sufficient.

5.4. For legal entities, work on all types of services is carried out only after the conclusion of contracts in the appropriate form.  The markup for legal entities is 30%.

5.5. Payment from individuals is accepted to the VISA card, WebMoney account or any other paying systems convenient for both sides. Interest charged by payment systems or banks is paid by the customer. 

5.6. Payment from legal entities is accepted to the Agency’s Bank account.

5.7. Payment details are specified after receiving the order for services.